• Excellence in English Grammer

    Composition : I to VIII

    The present comprehensive series of Excellence in English Grammar and Composition comprising first to eight graded books, can be considered among the best English grammar books for beginners with the point of view of students as well as teachers and the recent communicative approach.

  • My Green Planet

    Class I to V

    The series My Green Planet for Classes 1 to 5 covers the scope of both environmental studies and environmental education as per the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework. The integrated approach of the books draws upon insights from Sciences and Social Sciences, laying the foundation for higher classes. Build on the objectives specified by the NCERT (CCE Pattern).

  • The World Now : I to V

    We & Our World : VI to VIII

    Today, the world is observed as a whole and not just as an individual society or a nation. Therefore, it is very important that the students should know about their own country, their environment and the whole world so that they can learn to appreciate the beautiful gift of nature.

    Keeping this objective in mind, our series ‘THE WORLD NOW’ and ‘WE AND OUR WORLD’ has been created. These series introduces the students to the global world in a gradual manner. Beginning from the surrounding environment including home, family, neighbourhood, and gradually moving on to their own country and the world, the students get a feel of all the things around them.

  • Knowledge Tour

    Class I to VIII

    A child has an inherent tendency to frame questions on ‘how and why’ as well as on ‘what, where and when’ relating to the events and things as heard, seen or observed by him. This exhibits his natural thirst for general knowledge. A tremendous progress in information technology has further exposed the child to a vast horizons of curiosities and knowledge.


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